Additional Things to Know:
The enforcement of City Code is found within Title 2: Administration of the Municipal Code


In summary, the code states that enforcement staff will utilize a progressive method of code enforcement. A summary of progressive steps that staff is able to take is listed below:


Progressive Enforcement Policy Summary:


1) Contact and Request
  • Essentially, this step is a polite request for an owner and/or a business to comply with City regulations.
  • This can be done through formal means, but it is an informal request to correct an action.

2) Initial Violation
  • This is a formal verbal warning, and sets the request for corrective action within a certain time frame. 
  • Once that time frame is expired, the next step of the enforcement code is warranted.

3) Written Notice
  • In this step, after failure to comply with a verbal warning, the violator will be given a written notice of violation.
  • Typically, these include stop work orders and corrective notices.
  • These essentially require you to close or stop work until the action is corrected.

4) Summons to Municipal Court
  • If the violator refuses to correct the action, the violator is then summoned to court for prosecution.

5) Relief Action within Civil Court
  • If warranted, the City can also press charges within Civil Court.