Complete Final Inspections
Building Permits:
After all inspections have been made and accepted, the departments that originally approved your building permit will review your project again. This is to ensure that what was approved is what was built and that all conditions of approval have been met.
The Building Official then reviews and approves the project and issues a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Letter of Completion, depending on the scope of the project. This conveys that the structure is authorized for occupancy. It should be noted that some banks will not issue a mortgage on a newly constructed residence or business without having a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Other Permits:
In the case of stand-alone permits, a letter of approval after your final inspection may be all that is needed (that is, no CO may be needed).


Complete Your Final Inspection(s):

Schedule an Inspection

Time Frames for Inspection and Approval:
Please be aware that the lead times required for final inspections and CO inspections are longer than those required for intermediate inspections:


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