Determine If You Need a Permit
The City of Aspen has a variety of permit types related to construction. The specific permits your project requires will depend on the nature and extent of the project. Similarly, the departments within the city that need to review your permit applications, and the inspections required, depend on the specifics of your project.


In some cases, a single permit (for instance, a plumbing permit) may be all you need. In other cases, a building permit (a Number 1 Permit) along with a variety of sub-permits and related permits will be needed.


Does Your Project Require a Permit?

Most construction-related work requires one or more permits, but a few types of projects are exempt. For instance, finishing work, such as painting or tiling, does not typically require a permit. A list of projects that are typically exempt is provided below.



Always check with the Community Development Permit Coordinator at 970-920-5090 to verify that your project is exempt.

Which Permits Do You Need?

There are several projects that may require permits beyond a standard building permit, such as: erecting a fence, putting up a sign or demolishing a pre-existing structure.


To help you determine which permits you may need, the City has developed a list of construction-related permit types, along with brief descriptions of the situations that trigger the need for each permit:



If you have questions about which permits you may need, contact the Community Development Permit Coordinator for assistance.


Contact the Permit Coordinators at:

Permit Coordinator
City Community Development
(970) 920-5090, ext. 2


To avoid delays in starting and continuing projects, it is important to accurately determine all of the permits you need before you submit your first permit application. This helps assure that all of your permits are reviewed and approved when you need them.


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