Obtain Land Use Approvals
Before you make detailed plans to build or remodel, be sure the development you are proposing is allowed (in the case of new development on a parcel) or that the changes you are proposing for an existing developed site are allowed.


Land use is governed by the Land Use Code, and the Planner of the Day at 970-429-2764 can help you understand whether you need additional land use approvals prior to starting your project.


You can also find additional information on our Get Approval to Develop Page.


  • To submit an application for a building permit, you must also provide evidence of your compliance with certain City planning and zoning regulations. When you apply for a building permit, bring the following land-use related documents with you to avoid delays, if they are applicable in your situation:
  • A signed copy of the Land Use Documentation Form. This is required before you can submit any application for a building permit, and verifies that you have the land use entitlements necessary to undertake your project.
  • A signed copy of the Zoning Compliance Verification Policy. This document is required for all commercial, multi-family, lodging or mixed-use building projects proposed to be within one foot of the maximum permissible height or within one foot of allowed setbacks.


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