Additional Things to Know:
The City of Aspen has established a dynamic natural resource program that encompasses both the urban forest and the surrounding natural resources, earning it the distinct designation of being a Tree City USA, as well as being accredited by the Society of Municipal Arborists. This accreditation is the highest recognition for municipal and community forestry programs.  


Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit?

The size and type of the tree in question determines if a permit is required or not. Trees meeting the following criteria require a permit:
  • Native material that is 3"+ in diameter
  • Coniferous trees that are 4"+ in diameter
  • Deciduous trees that are 6"+ in diameter


Tree Removal Process:

In order to receive a tree removal permit within the City of Aspen, the following steps must be completed:


  1. Complete the Tree Removal / Drip Line Excavation Permit Application
  2. Submit the form with the appropriate processing fee. 
    • Cash and check only
    • The application fee is waived for dead or diseased trees
  3. The City Forester, or designee, will complete a site visit to establish the value of the tree(s) based on health, size, planting location, and other criteria.
    • The value of the tree must be replaced through one of the following methods:
      • Replace the same value in trees back on the site
      • Pay the value of the tree as cash-in-lieu to the CIty, or
      • A combination of the two methods above.
    • Tree removal fees are used to purchase new trees and maintain existing trees within City of Aspen Parks and right-of-ways.


Apply for a Tree Removal Permit:

Complete the following form and submit it to the Parks department in person or by email:
City Forester
City of Aspen Parks and Open Space
585 Cemetery Lane
Aspen, CO 81611
(970) 429-2034

Contact Us:

Our Natural Resources and Forestry staff can provide you with answers to all of your tree care questions. Please contact the City Forester if you have any questions about caring for or removing trees.