What is the Public Right of Way?
A Public Right of Way is defined as an improved or unimproved public property to provide vehicles, pedestrians and other public uses. The Right of Way is also used for public utilities.


Locating the Public Right of Way:

Locating the right of way can be difficult because it cannot be based off of lot lines, curbs, sidewalks and streets.
The Engineering Department will be happy to meet you on-site to help you estimate the right of way boundaries, but a project of any size will need to have the site surveyed to get an accurate representation of your dimensions and right of way boundaries.
Engineering Department
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Working/Encroaching in the Public Right of Way:
If you need to perform work in the public right of way for your project, or encroach into the public right of way, visit our Right of Way and Encroachment Permits Page to learn more and apply for encroachment permits.