Building, Engineering, Parks and Other Permits
Depending on your project and what you intend to do with your business, there are several applications and requirements you may be required to fulfill. Below is a list of all permits that you may need for construction related projects.



If you would like to view a permit application form, please follow the links below:
Building PermitRequired for any new construction, or if you're adding gross square footage, floor area, or net leasable space to an existing structure.
Construction Parking Permit
 Anytime on-street parking is requested to be reserved for your project, you will need to go through the parking department to obtain construction parking permits. These permits are separate from standard parking rates/regulations. 
Demo Permit
 Project will raze, disassemble, tear down or destroy forty percent (40%) or more of an existing structure (prior to commencing development), as measured by: the surface of all exterior wall and roof areas above finished grade and the associated assembly and components necessary for the structural integrity of such wall and roof area  (TRIGGERS A LAND USE REVIEW) OR Project includes the removal of a dwelling unit in a multi-family or mixed-use building or its conversion to non-residential use, OR Project will penetrate demising wall or floors between Multi-Family Housing Units, if such action is undertaken to combine the units. 
Electrical Permit
Project involves installation of new, or repair, alteration, or addition to existing electrical systems.
Fence (building) permit
Project includes a fence, constructed barrier, or berm. For more information, you can review the Fence Information Guide. You may also want to review the Fence Permit Application Checklist.
Fire Permit
Residential or commercial building project that involves fire sprinklers, fire alarms, hood systems, blasting, or temporary heat
IFFR Permit  Agreement
The IFFR permit (Interior Finish and Fixture Removal) is permitted at the discretion of the City of Aspen in lieu of a Building Permit for projects that are not associated with fire resistive or structural design of an existing building. This permit also allows for the removal of plumbing and lighting fixtures and HVAC trim. The project must also meet all requirements in the IFFR Permit Policy.
Landscape/Grading Permit
Project involves 200 SF or more of exterior work; OR involves 1,000 SQ or more of total landscaping that includes changes in hardscape, grade, or drainage patterns; OR is in one of the following areas/zones (historic property;  floodplain or stream margin; Smuggler Mountain Superfund Site; 8040 Greenline Review area);  OR involves hardscaping in the setbacks; OR involves removal of trees 
Mechanical Permit
Project involves installation of new, or repair, alteration, or addition to existing: heating, refrigeration, cooling, or absorption equipment; OR range hoods; OR snowmelt systems; OR appliance vents; OR gas logs or appliances
Plumbing Permit
Project involves installation of new, or repair, alteration, or addition to existing:  water piping and/or drains, or appliances that use water piping and/or drain systems
Encroachment - Permanent Encroachment Permit

Project involves any work that permanently occupies, constructs, places items within, or maintains items within the public right of way. For instance, the installation of snowmelt systems, approved earth retention systems, etc.
Encroachment - Temporary Encroachment PermitProject involves any work that temporarily occupies, constructs, places items within, or maintains items within the public right of way.
Restaurant License
 Project involves a new restaurant OR project involves an existing restaurant changing ownership OR Project involves a major remodel of a commercial kitchen
Roof work involves any change in the structure, height, or footprint of a roof; OR involves structural framing, OR  involves more than 100 SF of damaged roof deck, OR involves addition of rigid insulation, OR involves installation of fire-resistive roof covering; OR is   historic district; OR work will be conducted by someone other than a city licensed roofing or licensed general contractor;  OR work is on a rated roof. Additional information can be found in the Official Policy Memo and application checklist:
ROW - Earth Retention ROW PermitProject involves an earth retention system that extends into the public right of way.
ROW - Emergency ROW PermitProject is necessary because an event has threatened public health or safety, or has resulted in the interruption of a utility service
ROW - Standard Right of Way PermitProject involves any work performed within the street right of way, including but not limited to:  installation, repair or replacement of a utility line or service line;  OR construction, repair or reconstruction of a  driveway or curb cut; OR installing or replacing curb/gutter, sidewalk, or drainage facilities; OR landscaping in the ROW; OR general disturbance of the ROW
Sign Permit
Project involves one or more stationary signs of any size for a business OR project involves one or more  sandwich board sign 
Smuggler Mountain Superfund Site Soil Removal Permit

Project site is within the Smuggler Mountain Superfund Site AND involves excavation or exposure of more than 1 CY of soil
Tent Permit
Required when assembling temporary tents, canopies and membrane structures that are not used exclusively for recreational purposes and exceed 400 sq. ft.
Tree PermitProject involves the removal of a tree or excavation around the drip line of a tree.
Water Efficient Landscaping Permit
Landscaping, grading, installing or disturbing hardscapes, additions to structures, etc. that has a disturbance area greater than 1,000 square feet and greater than 25% of the entire site.  OR All new construction with internal work only that demolishes greater than 50% of the existing structure.
Water Utility Connection PermitProject involves new water service or changes to existing water service, in particular changes that will affect water demand or the sizing of lines. This includes but is not limited to, changes to the number of water taps, changes in the number of bedrooms or lodging units, changes to the ownership of a restaurant, or changes to the size of water lines.