Examine Your Zoning Restrictions
Moving or Changing Your Business?
If you are changing the location or type of your business, it may be subject to different standards, restrictions and fees, depending on the zone in which it is located and the type of the new business.
Applicants are encouraged to check with the planner of the day at 970-429-2764 with zoning questions.


City of Aspen Zone Districts:
Basic zone definitions and guidelines are provided in our Zoning EZ Guide page


Zones within Aspen vary, and include different densities of residential, affordable housing, commercial core, commercial industrial, service commercial industrial, lodge, mixed use, academic, public, wildlife preservation, open space, and conservation.


Historic Properties:

In addition to these zones, if your property falls within the Historic District, or is considered a Historic Landmark and Structure, your property will be subject to additional restrictions and fees set by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).


You can learn more about Historic Properties and the accompanying restrictions by visiting our Historic Properties Additional Things to Know Page.

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