Identify the Approvals and Permits You Need
Remodeling or Adding on to the Exterior of Your Business:
The extent of your project and what you intend to alter will determine the approvals and permits you need before you begin working. Some of the most basic projects (ie: painting) would not require a permit, while other simple projects (ie: constructing a fence) do require a permit.


You will find additional helpful information about construction related processes and permits on our Approval to DevelopBuild or Remodel and our  Grade, Excavate or Use Public Right of Way Page. General guidelines regarding what may be required, however, can be found below.


Enhancing the exterior of your building?  


Additional Information and Assistance:

The Permit Coordinators with the City of Aspen Building Department will be able to answer any further questions you may have, as well as guide you through the permit submittal process. Contact the Permit Coordinators at:
Permit Coordinator
Community Development
(970) 920-5090


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