Identify The Approvals and Permits You Need
No Construction:
If you are only moving or changing the type of your business, and no excavation or construction inside or outside your business is taking place, no construction-related permits will be required for your change.

Your business will still be required to update your business license information.

  • You can find additional information and the forms required to update your information in Step 2


If you are remodeling or adding space at your new location, you may need one or more construction related permits. Information about what you need to build or remodel can be found in the Remodel or Change the Size of Your Business step in this section.



If your restaurant or retail food establishment is changing locations, you will be required to go through the food plan review process with the City Environmental Health Department. This process ensures your new location meets the health requirements applicable to those serving food to the public.

Zoning Approval:
Make sure changes in the location or type of your business are compliant with the land use code. If your business is not allowed by the land use code, your updated business license application will be rejected. All changes in the location or type of your business must be compatible with the Land Use Code.
  • You can find a brief overview of the land use code and the different land use zones within Aspen on our Zoning EZ Guide page.


Depending on which zone your business intends to relocate to, it may be subject to different standards, regulations and fees. The same is true if you plan to change the type of business but keep the same location. The Planner of the Day can verify whether any of these items will affect you. You can determine which zone your business property will operate in by referring to the City of Aspen Zoning Map.


Additional Information:

To ensure you don’t make a costly mistake in moving or changing your business, contact the Planner of the Day at: or 970-429-2764. When you contact the Planner of the Day, be sure to include the address of the property related to the question in the subject line of your email, or have that information available for your phone call.


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