Why this is important
Although you may be eager and ready to get to work, the City has these approval and permitting processes in place to ensure all projects comply with adopted community standards are done safely, cleanly, and in the best interest of Aspen as a whole. If the City didn’t require permits for jobs like these, there would be no way to assure that work is done appropriately and correctly, which is crucial to the long term safety of people using structures. The City of Aspen places a high priority on life safety and protection of the community’s unique character.


After you submit your applications for approvals, staff will typically review them in the order in which they come in. During the reviews, staff will be checking your proposals and plans against city requirements. If they need more information, or if your plans need changes in order to comply with city requirements, staff will contact you and request the needed information. Your prompt reply will help move your applications through the review process quickly. In addition to review of your plans, city staff may need to inspect your property prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy or final approval. If your project has triggered the need for permits, it’s after you receive your Certificate of Occupancy or final approval that you can occupy your space.