City Council
The Aspen City Council provides leadership, stewardship and service to the town. Through an open process, we work in partnership with our residents to supply services not provided by the private sector in order to meet their day-to-day needs, to preserve and enhance our community character, and to further the Aspen Dream: the ideal of a community nourishing the mind, body and spirit of its citizens. The City Council is also responsible for appointing officials to the Historic Planning Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission to make development decisions on their behalf.



City Council Reviews:

The City Council only reviews development and land use projects after it has gone through the proper procedures of review by City staff and the appropriate commission board.


Appeals and Call-Up Reviews:

The City Council is also responsible for conducting public hearings and final reviews for any appeals, and has the authority to call-up any decision by the other approval boards. During this call-up review, they have the ability to accept the former decision, remand the current application back to the approval board with direction for reconsideration, or continue the meeting and request additional information to complete the call-up review.


Regular Meetings:
The Aspen City Council typically holds their official meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. To find exact dates of upcoming meetings, visit the Calendar & Events page on The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.


Agendas and Scheduling a Public Hearing:
Council agendas are typically full for months in advance. If your project requires council review, be sure to factor this into your project timeline.


The City planner working on your project will schedule your public hearing for the earliest available date and will notify you of your review date and estimated time. You will then be responsible for completing public notice requirements.


You can check upcoming meeting agendas online on the City Clerk's Meeting and Agenda's Page.