Planning and Zoning Commission


The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of a seven member volunteer commission of city residents that are appointed by City Council, each to a four year term. The Commission studies long-range planning matters, including the Aspen Area Community Plan, approves applications for minor development and makes recommendations to City Council.


Current Members:

  • LJ Erspamer, Chair
  • Stan Gibbs, Vice Chair
  • Jasmine Tygre
  • Keith Goode
  • Ryan Walterscheid
  • Brian McNellis
  • One Open Position
  • Jason Elliott, alternate


Planning and Zoning Commission Reviews:

P&Z is responsible for reviewing a variety of development projects and making recommendations to City Council for large or significant projects. Development projects typically requiring P&Z approval include the following:
  • Variances
  • Conditional Uses
  • Development in Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Special Reviews
  • Growth Management Quota System (GMQS) Exemptions


If these types of projects occur on a historic property or within the historic district, review and approval would be the authority of the Historic Preservation Commission.


Regular Meetings:

The Planning and Zoning Commission typically holds their official meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. To find exact dates of upcoming meetings, visit the Calendar & Events page on The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.


Agendas and Scheduling a Public Hearing:
Planning and Zoning agendas are typically full for months in advance. If your project requires P&Z review, be sure to factor this into your project timeline.


The City planner working on your project will schedule your public hearing for the earliest available date and will notify you of your review date and estimated time. You will then be responsible for completing public notice requirements.


You can check upcoming meeting agendas online on the City Clerk's Meeting and Agenda's Page