Complete a Final Review
A final review gives you and City staff a chance to clarify what the conditions for your Land Use Approval are. This final review may be mandatory if you are changing and/or adding parcels, such as a lot split or implementing a new Planned Development. However, since the conditions can change throughout the process, we recommend you always meet with the planner of the day before preparing any final plans and submitting for a building permit for your project.


Final Review Topics

During your final review, staff will work with you to clarify the following topics:
  • Final review and official survey of plats, if applicable
  • Publication of official documents, for notice and recording
  • Review of the Development Order, and what it entitles you to do with the property
  • What additional approvals and permits you need
  • Expiration dates for any existing approvals
  • Other cautions and topics relevant to your project 

Schedule a Final Review Meeting:

To schedule a final review, contact the Community Development Department at the information below:
City of Aspen
Planning and Zoning
City Hall, 3rd Floor
130 S. Galena Street
Aspen, CO 81611
Phone: (970) 920-5090

Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm (M-F)

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