Estimate Your Fees
Planning fees are separate from the building permit and review process which will be due with the application and issuance of a building permit.



Review Fee Deposit:

Prior to submitting a Land Use Application, a review fee deposit will be required. The amount of deposit hours is determined by the proposed development project, and is broken down in the Planning Fees document.


Staff will keep an accurate record of the actual time required for the processing of each land use application and additional billings will be made for additional cost and review time incurred by the City. If the processing of an application takes less time than provided for by the deposit, the unused portion of the deposit will be refunded.


Hourly Review Rate:

  •  $325 / hour - minimum of one (1) hour for any one special project


Planning Services Free of Charge:

The following services are free of charge.
  • Pre-application or pre-permit meetings with planning staff
  • Call-in or walk-in development questions to the planner of the day
  • GMQS - SF or Dx on Historic Landmark
  • Historic Designation processes
  • Historic preservation - exempt development
  • Historic preservation - Minor amendment, HPO review
  • Historic preservation - Minor amendment, Monitor review
  • Development order publication fee


Please note that the above free services and staff time is limited to the time reasonably necessary for understanding a project's requirements, review procedures, regulations, etc. The applicant will be billed for staff time that is significantly in excess of what is reasonably necessary. However, the applicant will always be notified prior to any billing for pre-application or pre-permit services.


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