Obtain Your Development Order
After the final approvals and all prerequisite reviews of your project have taken place, public notice will be given for your development order, no later than fourteen (14) days after final approval is given. 


Issuance of the Development Order:

Once notice is given for your development order, a written development order will be provided to you as a formal agreement and approval for you to carry your project forward. Your development order will contain the following information:
  • Property owner's name, address and telephone number
  • Street address and legal description of the parcel
  • A written description of the site plan
  • Identification and date of the land use approvals received
  • Effective date of the development order.


Expiration of Development Orders:

Your development order will not be subject to any amendments to the land use code after its effective date, but it will expire after three (3) years. Any vested property rights will expire at this time.


Revocation of a Development Order:

Please be aware that failure to adhere to the agreements of the site plan from your application and approval can result in the revocation of the development order and any vested property rights.