Prepare for Meetings and Hearings
If your project requires a public hearing and approval from City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, and/or the Historic Preservation Commission, there are several things you should be aware of before your scheduled hearing before the appropriate approval board.

Scheduling a Public Meeting:

City staff will make sure your project is scheduled on the approval board's agenda, but be aware it may be several months before the board will be able to review your project. Approval boards typically only meet every other week, and their agendas and review load will determine how soon they will be able to review your project.
Major development projects will need approval from an advisory commission and City Council. Please factor this into your project timeline.
You should contact the City planner that has been working with you on your project to determine the next available public hearing time and when your project will be scheduled for a public hearing. 


Public Notice:

Public notice is required at least fifteen (15) days before the scheduled public hearing. To learn more about public notice requirements, please visit our Public Notices Page.


Common Procedures and Dequorum for Public Hearings:

Please be aware that there may be several items on the agenda the day of your public hearing, which will generally follow the procedures below:


  1. Opening Comments and Other Agenda Items - Before your project is reviewed, there may be several other agenda items that the board will need to work through first.
  2. Staff Presentation and Recommendation on the Application - Once your project is up on the agenda, staff will present the facts of the case and present their recommendation, which is also done in writing. You can review staff's recommendation and memo two (2) business days before the scheduled meeting.
  3. Applicant Comments and Presentation - After the staff presentation, you will be able to address the approval board yourself. The applicant has the burden to demonstrate that the proposed development complies with the Land Use Code. At this time, the applicant also must present an affidavit that adequate public notice was given for the meeting.
  4. Public Comment - As a public hearing, the approval board will provide citizens the chance to comment on the proposed development.
  5. Board Discussion and Vote - After all presentation and comments conclude, the board will begin discussing the project and asking clarifying questions. The board may reach agreement and vote on the project at this time, or it may continue the hearing to a fixed date. The applicant also has the right to request one (1) continuance to gather more facts and information. If a hearing is continued, a second public notice must be given with the new date and time. 



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