Refer to the Land Use Code
The Land Use Code is an important tool that plays a large role in how the City will look and feel in the future by guiding new construction and development today.
In particular, the Land Use Code sets the standard for development and determines the permitted uses on select parcels by zone district. This is done to protect and maintain the character of the community, and to ensure any development isn't hazardous to the safety of citizens or the environment. You can use the document to better understand and comply with the City's standards and regulations.
The following documents break down the Land Use Code by section, and it is one title of the City Municipal Code:


The Land Use Code:


Part 100: General Provisions
  • Part 100 of Title 26 includes the general provisions of the Land Use Code, land use application fees, and a section including definitions of frequently used land use terms.

Part 200: Administration - Decision Making Bodies
  • Part 200 of Title 26 includes explanations for the numerous decision making bodies in the City of Aspen. These include City Council, Community Development Department, Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), and the Administrative Hearing Officer

Part 300: General Procedures and Regulations
  • Part 300 of Title 26 clarifies the common development review procedure and describes how the Land Use Code addresses certain areas such as non-conformities, variances, vested property rights, and appeals.

Part 400: Land Use Regulations
  • Part 400 of Title 26 is where you will find a complete list of land use regulations. This is also portion of the Land Use Code that contains the Growth Management Quota System (GMQS) and regulations for developing Historic Districts and Landmarks.

Part 500: Supplementary Regulations
  • Part 500 of Title 26 is where you will find chapters such as Parking and Signage Regulations, along with the Miscellaneous Regulation chapter that provides the often referred to Calculations and Measurements section.

Part 600: Impact Fees
  • Part 600 of Title 26 contains the land use impact fees. These include Parks Development, TDM/Air Quality, and School Lands Dedication.

Part 700: Zoning Districts
  • Part 700 of Title 26 has detailed explanations of all the zone districts within the City of Aspen.



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