Landscape, Grading and Excavation Permit Applications
Submitting a complete application with all supporting documents is necessary for your permit application(s) to be accepted. Doing this the first time will save you review time. Below are some of the most common reasons permit applications are delayed in the Engineering Department.


Top Reasons Engineering and Other Permit Applications are Delayed:

Incomplete Applications

  • Be sure to include all information asked on the application


Not Holding a Pre-Construction Meeting

  • For staff to understand your project and approve your permit application, it is best to hold a pre-construction meeting.
  • At this meeting you will be able to explain your project, and staff will be able to inform you of any limitations.


Not Scheduling and/or Completing a Sufficiency Review Meeting

  • All permit applications that must receive an engineering review are required to schedule and participate in a Pre-Application meeting with the Development Engineer. The sufficiency checklist should be completed prior to this meeting.