Additional Things to Know:

What is a CMP?

A Construction Mitigation Plan (CMP) is a combination of diagrams, documents, drawings, and specifications that clearly define the steps that will be taken to demonstrate how the impacts to the community will be minimized, and how the impacts associated with any construction project
will be managed.


The CMP was established to provide a consistent policy under which certain physical aspects of construction management will be implemented. The elements contained in the manual, see below, are related to the development process. It is intended that they apply to both public and private work designated herein.

You must submit a Construction Mitigation Plan if any of the following apply:
  • Interior and/or exterior disturbance exceeding 1000 SF
  • Building structure disturbance exceeding 400 SF
  • Change in ownership or contracting services
  • Modifications desired to an approved CMP

Required Construction Mitigation Plan Documents:

If any of the above apply to you, see our CMP documents below to assist in the preparation of your plan.


You can also use the Construction Management Checklist to ensure you have all of the necessary documents prepared for your CMP.




Prepare for an Inspection:

The Engineering Department's Construction Mitigation Officer (CMO) routinely monitors work sites to ensure all aspects of a Construction Mitigation Plan are followed. The CMO also ensures that the impacts associated with construction activities within the City of Aspen are effectively managed and are the least necessary to accomplish the project.



Contact Us:

If you need any assistance completing or obtaining additional information related to the Construction Mitigation Plan, please feel free to contact the Engineering Department:


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