Determine If You Need a Permit

Engineering Permits:

The City of Aspen has several permit types related to grading, excavating or using the Public Right of Way (ROW).

Whether your project requires a permit, and which permits are required, will depend on the nature and extent of your project. In some cases, a single permit (for instance, a Right of Way permit) may be all you need. In other cases, a building permit along with sub-permits may be needed.



Does Your Project Require a Permit?

Here are the primary guidelines to follow in determining whether you are exempt from permits related to your landscape, excavation, grading or ROW project:


Right of Way (ROW):

  • ROW permits are needed when you excavate or perform construction-related work in the public ROW.
  • NO exemptions exist for work performed in ROWs; a permit is always required. Work in the ROW, excluding emergency work, is only allowed between April 1 and November 1. Within the City’s downtown core, ROW work is only allowed between April 1 and May 31, and between Labor Day and November 1. 



  • Encroachment permits are needed anytime an activity occupies the public Right of Way, whether on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • NO exemptions exist for encroachments into city ROWs.
  • A permit is always required for temporary ROW encroachments or permanent ROW encroachments.
  • The time restrictions for ROW work also apply to temporary ROW encroachments.
  • Visit our Understanding the Public Right of Way Page to learn more
  • For information on Encroachment permits, visit our Right of Way and Encroachment Permits page.



  • Soil disturbances for construction projects almost always require a Landscape/grading permit along with supporting documents and site plans.


Contact Us:

You should always consult with City Staff to determine what permits you may need before starting a project or working in the Right of Way.
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