Additional Things to Know:
Certain properties in the City of Aspen are historical. These properties may require review by Historic Preservation staff in the Planning Department when permit applications are submitted. More specifically, if your project takes place in a Historic District, on a Landmark Parcel, or in the City Mall, AND also involves exterior building or roof penetrations to a building, then it will require review by Historical Preservation staff.


To help determine if a property is historic, refer to the City of Aspen Inventory of Landmark Sites and Structures, which lists individual landmarks with local historic status. In addition, be aware that properties in the Main Street Historic District and the Commercial Core Historic District are also historic properties. Approvals for development on historic properties is needed prior to building or remodeling on such parcels.


Contact Us:
If you have questions regarding your proposed work and historic property requirements, please contact Amy Simon at 970-429-2758 or Sara Adams at 970-429-2778.