Additional Things to Know:
Exemptions from Landscape/Grading Permits:
You do not need to apply for a Landscape/Grading permit if ALL of the following exemptions are met.
  1. Not a Historic Property
  2. Not removing any trees
  3. Not working in the floodplain or stream margin
  4. Not working in the Smuggler mountain superfund site
  5. Not working in the 8040 greenline review area
  6. Not hardscaping in the setbacks


  • Less than 200 square feet of work


  • Less than 100 square feet of total landscaping that does not include hardscape, or a change in grade or drainage pattern. 
You can find additional information, applications, and supporting documents in our Resource Center.


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Always consult with Engineering staff to verify whether your project is exempt from a landscape/grading permit or what other documents you may need to apply for a permit.
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