Obtain List of Required Inspections
Based on the characteristics of your project, the Engineering Department, as well as other departments such as utilities, will provide you with information on the inspections you must pass before your project will be considered complete and approved.


Types of Inspections:

Depending on the type of project, the following inspections may be required by Engineering:
  • Informal daily or weekly inspections
  • Probationary ROW Inspection after project is complete
  • Temporary Encroachment Inspection after project is complete
  • Final ROW Acceptance Inspection (occurs 2 years after project completion, and prior to release of maintenance bond)
  • Final Earth Retention Inspection
  • Final Landscape/Grade Inspection


Additional inspections related to erosion control, stormwater management, construction of retaining walls, tree mitigation and other factors may also be required. The final sets of inspections required by your project will be determined after submission of your permit application.


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