Review City Comments
After your application is accepted for submission, staff from a variety of departments may need to review your application for its compliance with codes and regulations. Each reviewing department will check your application for compliance with city codes.

While simple applications only need review by the Engineering Department, others may need review by some or all of these City of Aspen departments:
  • Planning (for zoning compliance)
  • Parks
  • Utilities and Environmental
  • Parking
In addition, permits may need review by the Sanitation District. These reviews typically take place concurrently.


Standalone ROW, Permanent & Temporary Encroachment Permits:

Questions or concerns with your permit application may arise as part of the approval process for these permits. 
However, the process for addressing those comments are done on a less formal basis and you can expect to work directly with the staff person responsible to approve these permits.

Reviewing City Comments:
The City has started a new protocol regarding communication of comments from reviewers. When possible, the City will provide applicants with a single letter containing all reviewer comments, so that applicants have a complete set of information before revising their application.


Responding to City Comments:

Depending on the nature of the changes needed for your application to be compliant, you will need to take different steps to move your application forward:


  1. If no additional changes are needed (your application is complete and compliant), staff will notify you that your permit is ready for issuance.
  2. If you need to supply missing information or make minor changes, staff will prepare your comment letter and communicate the changes you need to make in your application for it to be considered complete and compliant.
  3. If your application is largely unacceptable and major changes are needed for it to be complete and compliant, you may be asked to redraft your proposal and submit an entirely new application form.


When you respond to City and District comments, please address ALL of the comments so that your resubmittal is complete. Incomplete resubmittals may not be accepted.



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