Understand Permit Requirements
To get through the permitting process with minimal delays, you need to submit applications that are complete and compliant with city and state requirements. This includes submitting ALL required forms and documentation, in a format that can be easily understood.


To assist you, the City has developed a Resource Center with a section specific to grading, excavating and using the public right of way.You can also find the relevant required documents, based on the size and scale of your project below.


Thresholds for Engineering Reviews:

If your project meets the following list of thresholds*, be prepared to submit the relevant documents to the Engineering Department. Please be aware that your project may meet more than one threshold, which would require you to submit requirements from multiple rows in the table below:
Development Thresholds                      

Required Documents:

Building Permit Required


 Sufficiency Checklist Pre-submittal Review   
Soil Disturbance Between 200-1000 sq. feet


Sufficiency Checklist Pre-submittal Review Minor Grading/ Drainage   Review  
 Soil Disturbance over 1000 sq. feet


Sufficiency Checklist Pre-submittal ReviewMajor Grading/ Drainage   Review
 Construction Management Plan Soils  Report  
Compliance Survey
Building Disturbance (including demolition and remodels) > 400sq. feet

Sufficiency Checklist

Pre-submittal Review
Construction Management Plan

Excavation deeper than 5 feet, or vertical depth greater than horizontal distance to structure or tree


Sufficiency Checklist Pre-submittal Review Excavation Stabilization  
Development in Floodplain


 Sufficiency Checklist Pre-submittal Review Floodplain Management Plan  
Development on slopes > 15%


Sufficiency Checklist

Pre-submittal Review

Mudflow Analysis

*Please note that the thresholds listed above are not  exhaustive of every instance that may require particular reviews. Please consult with the Engineering department prior to proceeding with your project to ensure you are meeting all requirements.

Be aware that many projects require more than one permit.
For instance, projects may require a building permit (a #1 permit), sub-permits for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work, in addition to permits for exterior work such as grading and excavating.


Always check to see which permits may be applicable in your situation, using our List of Construction-Related Permits and Triggers.


Construction Mitigation Plan (CMP):


You must submit a Construction Mitigation Plan if any of the following apply:

  • Interior and/or exterior disturbance exceeding 1000 SF
  • Building structure disturbance exceeding 400 SF
  • Change in ownership or contracting services
  • Modifications desired to an approved CMP
To learn more about CMP's, please visit our Construction Mitigation Planning Page .

Contact Us:
If you have questions about which permits you may need and the requirements for a complete and compliant submission, contact Engineering Department for assistance.

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