Additional Things to Know:
Apply for a Right Of Way or Encroachment Permit:


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exemptions exist for encroachments into city right of ways. A permit is always required for: 

  • Excavation work in the ROW 
  • Temporary ROW Encroachments
  • Permanent ROW Encroachments


Date Restrictions:

Work in the ROW is only allowed between April 1 and November 1. Within the City’s downtown core, ROW work is only allowed between April 1 and May 31 (excluding Memorial Day Weekend), and between Labor Day and November 1. The same date restrictions apply to encroaching into the ROW.


Right of Way (ROW) Permits:

  • ROW permits are required when a project involves excavating or performing other work in the public Right of Way.
  • ROW permits cover items such as:
    • Installation of utility lines
    • Repairs or construction of sidewalks and driveways
    • Landscaping in the right of way
    • Earth retention systems that extend into the right of way


Temporary ROW Encroachment Permits:

You must apply for a Temporary Encroachment Permit when you plan to occupy, place or maintain merchandise, equipment or materials within the public ROW.


Temporary Encroachment Permits usually involve the following activities being performed within the Right Of Way:
  • Temporary construction of guardrail, pedestrian walkways, scaffolds, protective canopies, etc.
  • Temporary storage of materials (e.g. merchandise, commodities, construction materials, etc.)
  • Park or stage and operate construction equipment (e.g. crane, bulldozer, skid steer, etc.)
  • Temporary placement of a field office, dumpster, loose material container, or construction fencing


Permanent ROW Encroachment Permits:

You must apply for a Permanent Encroachment Permit when you plan to permanently occupy, construct, place or maintain within the City of Aspen right of way.


These permits usually include:

  • placement of snowmelt in sidewalks
  • placement of mailboxes
  • landscaping
  • any other type of permanent object within the right of way.


Additional information and documents can be found on our Resource Center Page.


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