Additional Things to Know:
Administrative Approvals can be provided when a proposed Special Event is in keeping with the Principles and Policies Statement and does not meet any of the triggers for a Minor, Moderate, or Major Event.
  • Applicants can receive this approval directly from the Special Events Department.

Key Notes for Administrative Events:
Application deadline:
  • Applications for approval as an Administrative Approvals should be submitted at least 14 days before the event.
  • Applications can be submitted for review as late as 2 business days before the event. However, applicants should be aware the SE Department retains the right to determine if an event should be reclassified as Minor, Moderate or Major.
  • If an event is re-classified or requires substantial review time, the review requirements and timeline will change accordingly.
  • Persons requesting approval for Administrative Approvals are therefore encouraged to contact the SE Department as soon as possible in their event planning.


Application review process:
  • Administrative Approvals can be granted by the SE Department in person or via email, provided an applicant completes an Administrative Approval form and signs an affidavit stating they understand they must obtain a Special Event Permit if the nature of their event changes such that they meet the triggers for a Minor, Moderate or Major Event.
  • Administrative Approvals would typically be appropriate for events that would require a Park Permit alone, such as weddings and reunions.


Contact Us:

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