Other Necessary Permit Requirements:
When hosting a special event, you should be aware that there are several approvals typically needed beyond your Special Event Permit Application:


Depending on the event and what will be taking place, you may need to apply for the following licenses and permits:


  • Banners Over Main Street - The City of Aspen provides space for banners advertising community events, and this application process is required for events wanting to utilize this as a advertising venue.

  • Electrical Permit (for temporary heat) -

  • Fireworks, Loudspeaker, or other Noise Variance -

  • Parade Permit - Required to authorize any parade including fifty (50) or more persons in any public street, right of way, sidewalk, or other City owned and operated space. Form must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.

  • Park Use Reservation Application -  Application to reserve a City park for exclusive use by any individual, group or organization. Must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled use of the facility.

  • Special Events Liquor License -  Required when serving alcohol during a public event. Only non-profit organizations can serve alcohol to the general public, and they are required to apply for a license at least 14 days before the event.

  • Temporary Business License - A temporary business license is intended to give those temporarily operating in a business capacity an expedited and cheaper option instead of a regular business license. A 1 or 2 day license is required for any vendor or person collecting revenue. Non-profit organizations must also file for a business license since they are required to remit taxes collected on any sold goods.

  • Temporary Food Service Application - Required when any entity, vendor or person is serving food to the public in a temporary location and period of time - outside the regular scope of their Food Service License.

  • Temporary Land Use Approval -

  • Tent Permit - Required when installing and assembling a tent that is 120 square feet or larger in size.


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