Additional Things to Know:
The term "Major Event" will be used to classify your event, and it will determine what approvals, licenses, and deadlines will be relevant for you.  However, applicants should be aware the SE Department retains the right to determine if an event should be reclassified as Administrative, Minor or Moderate


An event will be determined to be a "Major Event," if any of the following are true:

  • The event will occur over multiple days
  • The event will be held during a high season (December 15–February 28 or June 15-August 15)
  • Essential services (transportation, police, fire, or emergency services) will be significantly impacted
    • For transportation, this means normal system capacity will be exceeded, transportation routes will be substantially changed, new areas will need transportation services or transportation service contracts will be necessary
    • For police, fire, or emergency services, this means normal system capacity will be exceeded, new areas will need services or contracts for services will be necessary
  • Multiple streets will be closed for any period of time
  • Additional permits from Pitkin County and/or Snowmass Village are required
  • The event involves more than 2500 participants or attendees
  • The event received a negative after-action review designation from the Special Events (SE) Department in prior years

Key Notes for Major Events:
  • Exceptions: Events such as weddings or reunions in City parks, which otherwise would only trigger the need for a Parks Permit, are considered Administrative Approvals.
  • Application deadline: Applications for Major Events must be submitted at least 120 days prior to the first date the event is to be held.
  • Application review process:
    • Major Event sponsors must schedule a pre-submittal meeting with SE staff to review event plans, needs and issues. SE staff may elect to include other review staff in the pre-submittal meeting. This meeting must be held before the application deadline of 120 days prior to the first date of the event.
    • Major Events must be reviewed and approved by all City departments represented on the City Special Events Committee before a Special Events Permit will be issued. A joint meeting with the City Special Events Committee is required after application submission.
    • In addition, Major Events will normally be placed on the City Council agenda as action items. Such events must receive Council approval before a Special Event Permit will be issued.
    • Applicants for Major Events must receive their Special Events permit and all required related permits prior to the time the event is held.