Additional Things to Know:
The term "Minor Event" will be used to classify your event and it will determine what approvals, licenses, and deadlines will be relevant for you.  However, applicants should be aware the SE Department retains the right to determine if an event should be reclassified as Administrative, Moderate or Major.

An event will be determined to be a "Minor Event," if none of the conditions for a Major or Moderate Event apply and any of the following are true:
  • One street will be closed, during daytime hours only
  • Traffic will be diverted from normal routes, even if a full street closure does not occur
  • The event involves the temporary use of private property in a manner that varies from its allowed land use.
  • The event triggers the need for other city permits, such as tent permits or temporary heat permits

Key Notes for Minor Events :
  • Exceptions:  Events such as weddings or reunions in City parks, which otherwise would only trigger the need for a Parks Permit, are considered Administrative Approvals .
  • Application deadline: Applications for Minor Events should be submitted at least 30 days before the event is held. Applications submitted between 5 business days and 30 days before the event will be considered. However, they will be denied if the time required for review and resolution of issues exceeds the time available before the date of the event. Applications for Minor Events submitted less than 5 business days from the date of the event will not be considered.


    • Application review process:
      • Minor Events sponsors may voluntarily schedule a pre-submittal meeting with SE Department staff to review event plans, needs and issues.  SE staff may elect to include other review staff in the pre-submittal meeting.
      • Minor Events require review by appropriate agencies, but do not automatically require a joint meeting with the reviewers. However, approval by all appropriate agencies is required before a permit will be issued.
      • Applicants for Minor Events must receive their Special Event permit and all required related permits prior to the time the event is held.