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Basalt Library

Pitkin County Caucus Round –Table/ Master Plan Updates

July 24, 2014

Basalt Library



1. Updates:

• Each caucus briefly updates group on its Master Plan update process and any new

    ideas or questions;

• Eagle County Community Development Director, Bob Narracci, summarizes the Eagle

    County Mid Valley Plan and opportunities for interfacing with adjacent Caucus Plans

    (Emma and Frying Pan).

2. County Build out Overview:

• County-wide build-out analysis;

• Individual Caucus build-out summaries and questions;

3. Standardized Language

• Discussion/ thoughts, additions;

• Specific discussion on:

A) Special Events;

 B) Wildfire;

                              C) Broadband

4. Introduce the web-based approach for Master Plans

5. Other/Next Steps


1.      Standardized Master Plan Language


2.      County Land Use Policy Guidelines