Trade Your Weeds for Wildflowers




(Aspen, CO) Pitkin County Land Management and Pitkin County Open Space and Trails have teamed up with local nurseries to provide free coupons to Pitkin County residents, in exchange for their ornamental noxious weeds. 


Noxious weeds are non-native invasive plants which are much like wildfire in their ability to spread rapidly, crowding out all other vegetation in an ecosystem.  These invaders often have little nutritional value to wildlife and disturb soil nutrient balance, creating an effective “biological desert.”  Many noxious weeds were initially introduced by gardeners as attractive ornamentals, but have since escaped cultivation to spread aggressively across native ecosystems. 


In order to encourage landowners to replace noxious ornamentals with more appropriate native or non-invasive species, Pitkin County is offering free $20 coupons to Pitkin County residents in exchange for the following noxious ornamentals:

·         Myrtle Spurge

·         Oxeye Daisy

·         Dame’s Rocket

·         Scentless Chamomile

·         Absinth Wormwood

·         Houndstongue


Coupons may be redeemed through November 31, 2010 at Crystal Gardens and Planted Earth.  Limit two per person.  Weeds must have come from Pitkin County.


To participate, bring full 13-gallon (kitchen-sized) bag(s) of weeds to:

·         Pitkin County Landfill


·         Pitkin County Public Works Building (76 Service Center Road, between the Aspen Animal Shelter and the RFTA bus barn)


For  more information, contact Crystal Yates-White, Pitkin County Land Manager, at 920-5214.






Posted on Monday, May 17, 2010