Drink Safe Coasters Available in Aspen

ASPEN, CO - 06/15/2010 -  In response to recent concern regarding date-rape drugs being used in the Aspen area, Response and the Aspen Police purchased 2500 Drink Safe coasters. This product, by Drink Safe Technologies, has patented testing patches which will react with a visible color change when they come in contact with a drink spiked with one of the major date-rape Drink Safe Coasterdrugs. Each coaster, designed with the Response and Aspen Police logo, is a two test device. With a few drops from a drink, the test takes only seconds to perform.


Aspen Police officers will be distributing the coasters to local Aspen bars for use by patrons, free of charge, during Food and Wine weekend. Remaining coasters will be available upon request to businesses and citizens at the Aspen Police department’s front office.


“Drink Safe coasters are an important tool in creating awareness about drug-facilitated sexual assault and in the prevention of victimization of Aspen community members” said Chief Richard Pryor.


According to the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN) website, most rapes (73%) are committed by non-strangers and in familiar, social situations. In 2006, there were 272,350 reported sexual assaults in the United States, which means there was a sexual assault every 2 minutes. And unfortunately, 60% of all sexual assaults go unreported to the police. If you need more information about the prevention of sexual assault or drug-facilitated sexual assault go to www.rainn.org


The Aspen Police Department is dedicated to the safety and protection of its citizens. Remember you’re not alone. Help is out there for victims and members of the community that feel threatened by sexual assault. If you suspect your drink has been drugged, call the Aspen Police immediately on 911. We take all reports seriously. For advise, support, and questions, please call the Response Hotline at (970) 925-SAFE or the Aspen Police Department’s non-emergency line at (970) 920-5400.


For more information about Drink Safe Technologies, visit their website at www.drinksafetech.com.


For other questions, please contact Stephanie Dasaro with the Aspen Police Department at (970) 920-5400.




Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2010