Aspen Recreation Center Closure

The Aspen Recreation Center will be closed through Sept. 27. The closure is to provide extensive cleaning and maintenance for the nearly seven-year-old facility.


“We’ll be doing some painting, cleaning the pools, installing more sound-proofing measures and other things like that,” said Tim Anderson, Aspen Recreation Center director.

New turnstiles will be installed during the closure as well, making it possible for visitors to check themselves in and reduce the amount of staffing needed for the front desk.

“The new turnstiles will be an important component in meeting our budget goals at the ARC,” Anderson said.


Visitors to the ARC may have noticed new flat-screen televisions, which would seem counter to the aforementioned budget goals, but the televisions didn’t cost taxpayer’s a dime.


The televisions were provided for free by a company that sells advertising. In exchange for showing the ads, the Aspen Recreation Center gets to advertise all of its own programs and events on the screens for free.

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Posted on Monday, September 14, 2009