Pitkin County Sheriff and Aspen Police Plan for Aug. 2 Sheen Appearance

ASPEN, CO - 07/27/2010 – On Monday, August 2, 2010 Carlos Irwin Estevez , also known as Charlie Sheen, is scheduled to appear at the Pitkin County Courthouse at 4PM for a disposition hearing. The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and Aspen Police Department are preparing for significant interest in this court proceeding.


The same security provisions set forth during previous Sheen hearings will apply on Aug. 2. Access to the Pitkin County Courthouse will be limited to those members of the public with a clearly defined business purpose with the courts, police, sheriff, assessors, or other county services; to District Court attendees for Mr. Estevez’ hearing, which will be limited to 60 people; and to County Court access, for other court proceedings, which will be limited to 35 people. Any members of the public or press not permitted into the Courthouse should be prepared to wait outside.



The Decorum Order, set forth by 9th Judicial Court Judge James Boyd, remains in effect.  As outlined in the Decorum Order all devices capable of taking, recording, or broadcasting visual images or sounds and phones, computers, and devices capable of communicating from inside the courtroom to outside the courtroom are prohibited.


20 of the available 60 seats inside the courtroom are reserved for press agencies who previously obtained seating through the lottery, which was finalized in January. The remaining 40 public seats will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Anyone interested in attending can line up beginning at 3PM, outside the Pitkin County Courthouse.


For those admitted into the courtroom for seating, it is prohibited to enter with cellular phones, bags, briefcases, cameras, and weapons. Keep in mind, there is no place to store these items at the Pitkin County Courthouse. Please make other arrangements to store your personal belongings.


Aspen is a small town with limited parking in and around the Pitkin County Courthouse. The Galena Street Circle, adjacent to the Pitkin County Courthouse, will be closed to through traffic and general parking. Satellite truck parking will be available at the Galena Street Circle, however it is necessary for those news agencies with satellite trucks to contact the Aspen Police directly to reserve a spot and obtain parking details. Paid parking is available at the Rio Grande Parking Garage or on city streets for anyone else interested in attending the hearing.


For questions, please contact the Public Information Officer Stephanie Dasaro with the Aspen Police at (970) 920-5400 or Public Information Officer Marie Munday with the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 920-5300.


Other Contact Information:

Rob McCallum, Colorado Judicial Department PIO: (303) 435-7164

9th Judicial District Attorney, Pitkin County: (970) 920-5341

9th Judicial Combined Courts, Pitkin County: (970) 925-7635


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Posted on Tuesday, July 27, 2010