Check Your Mail for the Annual Citizen Survey

The City of Aspen will be distributing its annual survey by mail starting this week, and officials are hoping for widespread participation.   

“For nearly a decade, we have asked our residents for feedback on how we have done in delivering services to the community,” said Barry Crook, assistant city manager. “This year, National Research Center, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado is conducting a mail survey on our behalf.”


Your household may be one of 1,200 homes, chosen at random, to receive the survey. With your help, we will identify those aspects of the City of Aspen that are doing well and those that need improvement. We would like to know about you, your interests and the kinds of activities enjoyed by your family.


“We try and focus our efforts on understanding who our customers and stakeholders are, what they expect of us and whether or not we meet those expectations,” Crook said. “Our annual survey is an effective way to find out how the City of Aspen is doing.”


Results from the survey should be available in early 2010.

Posted on Monday, September 14, 2009