Rents Lowered at Marolt Seasonal Housing
The Marolt Ranch Finance Committee has decided to offer a rent reduction at the Marolt Ranch seasonal housing complex in an effort to increase occupancy at the complex.

“While demand still remains high with affordable housing long-term rentals, seasonal units have experienced a drop in interest,” said Ireland.  “Our hope is that we can help people transition into the community in a tight job market by making seasonal rentals more affordable.”

The students of the Aspen Music Festival and School have moved out of the complex, and there are currently 95 apartments available. The units are furnished and can sleep up to three people.
The finance committee consists of Mayor Mick Ireland, City of Aspen Director of Finance Don Taylor, Aspen Pitkin Housing Authority Director Tom McCabe, Housing Authority Board Member Erin Smiddy, and Jennie Elliot, director of finance for the Aspen Music Festival and School. The committee considered a variety of different proposals and chose a rent rate structure based on move-in dates.
Lease signed :       Runs until :      Monthly Rent :       Total Due at Signing:
Sept 1 – 30, ‘10       Apr. 30 ’11            [Article]nbsp;  750                             $ 2,250
Oct. 1 – 31, ‘10        Apr. 30 ’11            [Article]nbsp;  800                             $ 2,400
Nov. 1 – 30, ‘10      Apr. 30 ’11            [Article]nbsp;   900                             $ 2,700
Dec. 1 and after     Apr. 30 ’11            $ 1030                             $ 3,090

Units are available now, and applications for seasonal rental units are available at Hard copies can be picked up at the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority offices at 530 East Main St./Lower Level. 

Posted on Friday, September 03, 2010