City Engineer Completes Fellowship

Tricia Aragon, director of the City Engineering Department, was recently recognized for completing the Jennings Randolph Fellowship with the American Public Works Association.

Aragon was recognized for her contribution to the APWA’s international program through her professional, technical and cultural study tour in the field of public works in New Zealand.


The Jennings Randolph Fellowship is offered each year for APWA members to attend the international conference at one of APWA's international partnerships, to present a paper, study a public works issue of interest to both the partner and APWA, and write an APWA Reporter article about the experience. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide an opportunity for APWA members to broaden their knowledge and exchange experiences and information on trends and advances in the industry, through direct contact with their international partners.


Aragon’s fellowship took place in New Zealand where she studied five municipalities to learn how they manage their assets. Based on the tour experience she presented her findings at the APWA Congress in Boston in August. Her presentation included New Zealand’s application of engineering, financial, economic management of infrastructure assets. She has brought her findings back to the City of Aspen, which she feels can benefit from New Zealand’s policies.  

Posted on Thursday, September 16, 2010