Work in the Marolt Open Space
“What are you doing to the open space?!?”

City residents and visitors shouldn’t be alarmed while passing by the Marolt Open Space near Cemetery Lane. While there will be some visible construction work in the open space between now and Nov. 8, the work is necessary and important for the City of Aspen’s electric system. All ground disturbance will be fully re-vegetated under the supervision of the Parks Department, and City Electric Department officials are working as quickly as possible to complete the work. 

Work includes a 36-inch bore hole under Highway 82, where workers are installing an electricity system to provide a loop into town, as well as provide City Electric Power to the Aspen Recreation Center, City Streets Shop and the City’s Water Treatment Plant. The work will provide improvements to the electric system and will provide for more consistent service to electric customers in Aspen.

Posted on Thursday, October 21, 2010