City Offers Stimulus Funding
The City of Aspen wants your ideas for stimulating Aspen’s economy through special events and other items that enhance the visitor’s experience to town.

“A lot of people have some good ideas out there about how to attract visitors to Aspen or raise Aspen’s profile as a destination,” said City Manager Steve Barwick. “Last year, we were able to fund some new and existing events with these stimulus dollars. We feel like that program was successful, and City Council has asked that we do it again.”

Numerous events in 2010 were funded partially by the city stimulus initiative, dubbed “Mining Aspen for Ideas.” Events included the Aspen Fashion Week, Aspen Singer-Songwriter Festival, Big Aspen Barbecue and the American Junior Golf Association Tournament.

While most proposals were for special events funding, other items submitted through the “Mining Aspen for Ideas” campaign required no funding but nonetheless raised Aspen’s profile. Aspen’s Adopt A Tourist Program, which was recently featured in the Washington Post and received broad international coverage in 2010, was the brainchild of a local who simply wanted the City to help implement his idea.  

Funding events in 2010 cost the city about $100,000 but provided nearly $3 million in market revenues for local businesses.

“We’re hoping to have the same sort of success by repeating the program this year,” said Assistant City Manager Barry Crook, who oversees the stimulus program.

The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, January 7, at 5 p.m. Proposals can be submitted to the City here.

The proposals will be vetted through a committee consisting of Aspen Chamber Resort Association officials, City staff and members of the public. Those recommended by the committee will then be presented to Aspen City Council for possible implementation and funding.

Ideas can also be mailed to Aspen City Hall, Community Relations Department, 130 S. Galena, Aspen, CO 81611. However, please follow the guidelines for preparing proposals.

Posted on Friday, December 03, 2010