Pitkin County Library Joins Prospector

        Ten Million Titles in Book, Ebook, Journal, Movie and Music Now Available

      With Your Library Card


(Aspen, CO) Pitkin County Library this month went “live” in the Prospector Library System. That means that Prospector’s catalog of academic, public and other library holdings in Colorado and Wyoming are available to Pitkin County Library card holders. There are 27 academic, public, and special libraries in the Prospector System including: Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University, Fort Lewis College, the University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, University of Colorado Law Library, University of Denver, University of Denver Law Library, University of Northern Colorado, University of Wyoming, and Western State College of Colorado.


“Your Pitkin County Library card can now do ten times more for you than it could a month ago,” said County Librarian, Kathy Chandler. “There are 10 million unique titles with 20 million copies including printed books, ebooks, journals, movies, music and many other items. We want everyone to know how easy it is to request items,” Chandler said.


Pitkin County Library officially linked to the Prospector Catalog on March 2nd. Since then, over 700 requests have passed between the users of the library in Aspen and users of much bigger collections at public and academic libraries around the state and in Wyoming.


For decades library users in the United States have been able to borrow from the collections of other libraries through interlibrary loan, usually using the U.S. Mail.  It sometimes took weeks for a requested item to be delivered. Now people can visit the library’s web page (www.pitcolib.org), find the item needed in the combined collection of thirty million, and swing by the library to pick it up, usually within three to five days.

Pitkin County Library was a founding member of the Marmot library consortium when Marmot began serving Western Colorado libraries in 1985. 


The Marmot catalog represents library holdings of three million items.  A federal grant of $226,000 made the link between Marmot and Prospector possible.

Library staff are ready to answer questions about this service or other library-related issues at 970-429-1900 or visit the website at pitcolib.org.


More information about Prospector may be obtained from your local library or by visiting the Prospector Website at www.coalliance.org/prospector. It was made possible for Pitkin County Library to join Prospector as a result of their membership with the Marmot Library Network www.marmot.org  Prospector is managed and operated by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries who may be contacted at help@coalliance.org.                        

Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2011