Fact Sheet on Land Exchange Question on May 3rd Ballot


1.       The Anderson Subdivision is a two lot subdivision, Lot 1 is a public park owned by the City of Aspen, Lot 2 is a private lot. 

2.       Lot 1 is approximately 54,500 square feet; Lot 2 is approximately 6,092 square feet.

3.       In the current subdivision layout, Lot 2 sits on top of a portion of the flat land located within the subdivision.

4.       The City of Aspen and the Owner of Lot 2 would like to amend the subdivision by exchanging equal parcels of equal size, located within the Anderson Subdivision.

5.       The exchange of land would move Lot 2 from its current location which will make the flat land available for public park space.

6.       The City Charter requires voter approval to exchange real property in public use.

7.       On May 3, 2011 Voters will be asked vote, yes or no, authorizing the City to exchange city owned land within the Anderson Subdivision for the current space occupied by the private lot.

8.       If approved, the lot size of Lot 1 and the exchanged Lot 2 will be the same as their current square footage.

Posted on Monday, April 25, 2011