New County Strategic Plan Better Serves Citizens

Simplifies strategic direction, focuses on outcomes citizens want and Identifies Priorities


(ASPEN, CO)  The Pitkin County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) has approved a “new and improved” Strategic Plan for Pitkin County that is designed to help local government best serve its citizens. County staff are already using the new plan as a guideline for making 2012 budget recommendations to the BOCC. The plan comes less than a year after County Manager Jon Peacock took the helm in January 2011.

“One of my top priorities since arriving at Pitkin County government was to simplify the Strategic Plan so that elected officials and staffers could incorporate its mission, vision and values into all the work they do for the electorate,” said County Manager Jon Peacock. “It gives us direction in our work that is directly tied to what our citizens tell us they want from their county government,” Peacock said.

The process to revise the Strategic Plan began just over a year ago with a series of “Kitchen Chats” in the homes of a cross-section of county residents. The feedback gleaned from informally chatting with the county’s constituency was combined with information collected in a series of meetings and retreats with county leaders, managers and line staff. County Commissioners and staff met in an all day retreat last June to distill the essence of the information collected into the Strategic Plan that will guide the county’s work and decision-making into the future.

This plan is the result of a countywide effort combining elected officials with a variety of county staff from its top leaders and managers down to line staff,” Peacock said.” “We rely on our staffers who have a lot of “face time” with the public to help us understand what our constituency wants.”

The resulting revised Strategic Plan document is simpler than previous renditions because it has consolidated four documents previously used for strategic direction into one document. The new plan also seeks to break down “silos” by focusing on outcomes citizens want and need and not on department functions. It also identifies priorities that make it easier for the organization to commit its limited time and resources to.

“We have identified three Core Focus Areas for our work including a flourishing natural and built environment, livable and supportive community, and prosperous economy. This helps us keep our sights on doing the best we can to provide a safe, vibrant and sustainable community with a high quality of life,” Peacock said.

The new Pitkin County Strategic Plan is available for public viewing online at on the home page under “County Spotlight”.

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011