Town of Marble gets AED in Public Building

Contributed by the Save a Life Pitkin County program on behalf of the

 Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Committee

(Carbondale, CO) If you suffer Cardiac Arrest in the town of Marble, you’ll have a better chance of survival now that Marble has received its first Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in a public building.

Marble’s new AED is located in the historic Marble City State Bank building now known as The Marble Hub.

The Pitkin County Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Committee (EMTAC) contributed the AED to Marble with the help of a grant from the Aspen Community Foundation as part of the “Save a Life Pitkin County” effort.

Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District Chief Ron Leach floated the idea of getting an AED in Marble when he heard about the effort to place AEDs in as many public places as possible. Coincidentally, Leach had been teaching an American Heart Association CPR and first aid class in Marble when the opportunity to acquire the AED presented itself.

“Pitkin County and Carbondale Fire in Garfield County keep an eye on things in Marble under a mutual aid agreement with Gunnison County. My hope is we can train as many Marble residents as possible in CPR and how to use our new AED,” Leach said.

The Hub in Marble where the AED is now located also houses a coffee shop, WiFi, a consignment store, and artworks by local artists.

“The Hub is probably the most public building in Marble,” said the non profit’s Executive Director, Charlotte Graham. “It’s open part time in the winter and will be open seven days a week in summer. It’s the perfect place for the AED,” Graham said.

More information about the “Save a Life Pitkin County” effort is available online at

Posted on Tuesday, April 03, 2012