Airport Passes Annual FAA Certification Inspection

An onsite inspection last month by the Federal Aviation Administration of Aspen/Pitkin County Airport resulted in “a clean report” according to Assistant Aviation Director - Operations & Facilities, Dustin Havel.  Annual inspections of the airport by the FAA are routine, but can happen with or without prior notice. The FAA inspects the airport at least once a year to look at compliance with Federal standards required for an airport with commercial airline service.

 “Inspectors must ensure that our facilities are in top condition and that our employees are highly trained for their jobs,” said Assistant Aviation Director - Operations & Facilities, Dustin Havel. “It was a thorough inspection.”

The FAA Inspector reviewed airport employee training records and tested operations employees to determine their competency. The inspector also reviewed the airfield, runway, taxiway, lighting, marking and signage to ensure FAA compliance and overall condition. The airport fuel farm was also rigorously inspected.

 “The inspector was also very pleased with the new runway extension. I’m happy to say the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport passed this inspection with excellent marks,” Havel said.

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2012