Pitkin County Poised to Accelerate Road Improvement Projects


The entire length of Castle Creek Road could receive a new layer of asphalt, and other roads in Pitkin County would be improved this summer, if an effort to accelerate road improvements in Pitkin County gets the “green light” from the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) this Tuesday.  Pitkin County Public Works Director Brian Pettet will ask for an additional $2.95 million in 2012 for high priority capital road projects to take advantage of a “volume discount”  he can get by piggybacking on Highway 82 construction being conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) this year.


“This would be a huge savings for Pitkin County,” said Pitkin County Public Works Director, Brian Pettet. “We would be able to accomplish much-anticipated road improvements this summer that we would otherwise have had to put off for another six years at a significantly higher cost,” Pettet said.


“Getting a volume discount by using CDOT’s purchasing leverage, we’ll be able to improve over 26 miles of paved County Roads.  Getting this amount of road paving work completed in one year is unprecedented”


Projects that could be accomplished this summer include paving the entire 12.5 miles of Castle Creek Road, and improving Willoughby Way, Sopris Creek and Emma Roads. These road projects will be added to improvements already budgeted for in 2012 including Smith Hill Road and Jack Gredig Lane, which services the Landfill.


“If we get approval, we will be completing more road paving projects in Pitkin County this summer than we have done in the last seven years combined,” Pettet said.


The County will be working closely with large special event planners and other jurisdictions that could be impacted to minimize delays and inconvenience during road work to the traveling and recreating public.  There will be delays during construction, but once the work is completed; people will be experiencing smoother roads, which is much needed throughout Pitkin County.


Posted on Friday, May 18, 2012