Reusable Cup Challenge is Back - Now Valleywide




Cup Challenge is Back Again

Challenge expands to businesses across Roaring Fork Valley


Contact: Ashley Perl, Sr. Environmental Health Specialist, City of Aspen, 970-429-1798 or


Aspen, Colorado – January 31 2013 How many Styrofoam and paper cups can Roaring Fork Valley coffee drinkers eliminate from the landfill in just one week? We’re going to find out. The reusable cup challenge is back for a third year from February 4th – February 8th. Local coffee shops will compete in a friendly community competition to determine which shop can get the most customers to use reusable coffee mugs. The challenge is a fun way for local businesses and citizens to increase awareness of the unnecessary waste produced by paper and Styrofoam coffee cups and to actively reduce waste by using reusable coffee mugs.

Each year, it costs Americans 5.7 billion gallons of water and 9.4 million trees to produce the more than 20 billion single use paper coffee cups used in this country. Customers can help to conserve the green in the forests and in their wallets by bringing a reusable mug for morning coffee. It takes only 24 refills of a reusable mug, to offset the environmental impact of paper cup production. Reusable mugs are designed to be used over 3,000 times, resulting in huge reductions of environmental impacts. This year the challenge is expanding from just Aspen to include coffee shops throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. To participate in the challenge, customers should bring a reusable mug to any participating coffee shop and make sure their cup is included on that shop’s tally board.  Customers that aren’t taking their drink to-go can also help by asking for a washable mug.

Waste Free Roaring Fork, a collaborative waste reduction group in the valley, is sponsoring the challenge with help from the City of Aspen and CORE.  The challenge began in 2011 in Aspen after City staff members noticed large amounts of paper coffee cups in the City trash cans every morning.  “We are very excited to be expanding the challenge valley-wide this year, as last year proved to significantly raise awareness and alter consumer behavior,” Environmental Health Specialist for the City of Aspen, Ashley Perl said. “Involving other towns not only increases the awareness about bringing your own cup but also increases the positive impact consumers can have on reducing waste that is sent to Pitkin County Landfill, the valley’s shared landfill. Plus, all participating coffee shops offer a discount everyday if you bring your own mug, so we hope people will save some money this week as well.” The winning coffee shop will receive complimentary advertising and the pride of having the greenest customers.


Participants in the Waste Free Roaring Fork Cup Challenge include:

Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus, Aspen

Boden’s Butter, Aspen

Bonfire, Carbondale

Dos Gringos, Carbondale

 Frank Thirion Café, Aspen

Fuel, Snowmass

 Ink Coffee, Aspen

Main Street Bakery, Aspen

Paradise Bakery, Aspen

Peach’s Corner Café, Aspen

Starbucks, Aspen

The Blend, Carbondale

Woody Creek Community Center

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Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2013