Boden’s Butter Customers Use the Most Reusable Cups

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Boden’s Butter Customers Use the Most Reusable Cups


Contact: Ashley Perl, City of Aspen Environmental Health Specialist, 970-429-1798

               Amelia Potvin, CORE Community Sustainability Coordinator, 970-925-9775

ASPEN, COLO. (Feb. 13, 2013) – Last week’s reusable cup challenge gave coffee shops throughout the valley the chance to engage customers in reducing waste. Two shops exceeded 50% of drink sales purchased in reusable cups. Boden’s Butter of Aspen emerged victorious and Dos Gringos in Carbondale was a close second.  

The Reusable Cup Challenge began last Monday and lasted one week. In this short amount of time, locals and visitors alike choose reusable cups over disposable paper or Styrofoam cups when getting coffee at local cafes. Each participating coffee shop counted the number of reusable cups that were used each day and asked customers to help them win by remembering to bring their own cup or to ask for a reusable cup when staying in. Tallies were collected each day and the winner was the location with the largest percentage of reusable cups during the week.

“The third year of the Cup Challenge was a huge success for businesses and their customers. Hopefully everyone will keep bringing their reusable mugs and keep up all the good habits that we saw this week,” said Ashley Perl, environmental health specialist with the City of Aspen.

The Reusable Cup Challenge was sponsored by Waste Free Roaring Fork, a collaborative working group of local citizens in partnership with the City of Aspen, CORE, municipal Green Teams and Environmental Boards. Responsible for leading the reusable bag outreach efforts and ordinances in Aspen and Carbondale, Waste Free Roaring Fork maintains a website for waste reduction resources in the valley at

“Resource efficiency is a mindset that pervades all areas of life. While most of our programs focus on energy and water conservation, we enjoy challenging the community to think even more broadly about how they can reduce waste throughout the day,” says Amelia Potvin of CORE.

Most paper coffee cups are covered with a thin plastic resin that helps insulate the cup. This lining prevents the cup from being recycled or composted, which means that all those cups end up in the landfill. Using a reusable mug not only avoids paper cup waste, but also eliminates the environmental impacts of making and transporting paper cups. It only takes 24 refills of a reusable mug to offset the impacts of making that mug.

To help customers BYO-cup during the challenge, free reusable mugs were available at City Hall and CORE’s Carbondale office. These mugs are still available for customers looking to keep up the habit of using reusable.

“We’ve always been mindful of reusable products, but we still found the week to be very impactful” said Nelson Oldham, owner of Dos Gringos in Carbondale. “Our staff did a great job of encouraging people to bring their mugs and use our mugs in house. We found the reusable cup program got people thinking about using other reusable to go products as well.”


Participants in the Cup Challenge included:

Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus, Aspen

The Blend, Carbondale

Boden’s Butter, Aspen (WINNER!)

Bonfire, Carbondale

Dos Gringos, Carbondale (RUNNER UP!)

 Frank Thirion Café, Aspen

Fuel, Snowmass

 Ink Coffee, Aspen

Main Street Bakery, Aspen

Paradise Bakery, Aspen

Peach’s Corner Café, Aspen

Starbucks, Aspen

Woody Creek Community Center

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Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013