New Members Sought for Pitkin County Translator Advisory Board

Among Board’s Responsibilities - Recommending TV & radio allocations on the translator system


(Aspen, CO – March 6, 2013) A volunteer advisory board for Pitkin County Government that helps choose which radio and TV stations get spots on the County’s translator system is seeking at least three new members. Radio and television enthusiasts and people with an interest in the future of broadband in Pitkin County are urged to apply.


“Many radio and TV stations rely on space on our translator system in order to bounce their signals up and down the valley,” said TV/FM Manager Jodi Smith. We have very limited capacity on the system for TV and radio, making the selection process very competitive.”


It is important that we have people on the board who care about, but who are not financially connected to, the broadcast industry. If you’re passionate about electronic media and broadband potential in Pitkin County, this is the board for you,” Smith said.


Pitkin County Commissioners (BOCC) recently decided the Translator Advisory Board (TAB) needed an overhaul and increased the number of board members from five to seven.


Other projects the newly formed Translator Advisory Board will tackle include researching cellular and broadband potential in Pitkin County. Voters in 2011 approved a measure allowing TV/FM Translator funds to be used for this purpose.


More information about applying for the Translator Advisory Board can be found at or by calling 920-5200.

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2013